The island of Pag is rich in natural beauty, but what also makes it an attractive destination is its proximity to several national parks.
When exploring the nearby area, we recommend visiting the cheese dairies of Kolan and taking with you the taste of Kolan in the form of a block of our world-renowned cheese. At Gligora Dairy, you can also see the production process and end your visit with some delicious cheese tasting.


Also, make sure to climb the highest peak of the island of Pag, Sveti Vid (St Vitus), which is only an hour and 15-min walk away from Kolan, after which you can visit the Kolanjsko blato – Rogoza ornithological reserve, an important European bird habitat.
Get in touch with our local travel agencies who will help you pick out the activities that you will surely enjoy, whether you are seeking adventure, a one-day excursion to the surrounding islands, a cruise along Pag Bay, fun on a party boat, or a visit to a nearby national park.

Gligora Dairy

Gligora Dairy is open for individual and group visits for most of the year, without announcing your visit in advance. Besides visiting the dairy, you can also make a visit to the tasting room located on the first floor of Gligora Dairy, which offers different menus with a selection of Gligora cheeses. Dairy tours. For questions and appointments contact us at

Town of Pag

The town of Pag is known for its lace, and is the only place where Pag lace is made. UNESCO inscribed Pag lace on its List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage, so make sure to visit the Pag Lace Gallery located in the town’s main square. If you find yourself in Pag, some of the must-see locations are the Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Skrivanat Tower, Museum of Salt, Old Town of Pag and the Benedictine convent where you should definitely try the baškotin rusks, prepared to a closely guarded secret recipe (more information is available at

Town of Novalja

The town of Novalja is a short 15-min drive away from Kolan Municipality and is the largest town on the island. In Novalja, you can visit the ancient aqueduct, the Town Museum, the Pag Triangle, as well as the Olive Groves of Lun in the nearby village of Lun. Due to its immediate proximity to the popular party beach Zrće, Novalja is an attractive destination among younger generations (more information is available at

Municipality of Povljana

Povljana is located in the southern part of the island of Pag, and is sheltered from strong bora and sirocco winds. In Povljana, you can visit two ornithological reserves, Veliko blato and Malo blato, and healing mud of Segal, or climb up to the Panos viewpoint to photograph the surrounding natural beauty (more information is available at

City of Zadar

The city of Zadar is the cultural and historical centre of Zadar County. It is but a 45-min drive away from Kolan Municipality and is well worth a visit. The numerous historical monuments, beautiful churches, old fortifications and excursions to the surrounding islands will make your stay in the area that much more memorable (more information is available at

Natural beauty

Nearby you can find the islands Silba and Olib, Rab, Lošinj, as well as national parks Kornati, Paklenica, Krka, Plitvice Lakes and Northern Velebit. You can enjoy an excursion to the islands of Silba and Olib from Mandre any day of the week, or take the catamaran to Rab from Novalja. You can also visit a national park on your own or join an excursion organised by a travel agency.