Put Girenice

This trail is a great choice for a short bike trip and getting to know the Kolan landscape. We will start our journey in Kolanjsko Polje, and then pass by the Kolanjsko Blato – Rogoza Ornithological Reserve on a dirt road.

Afterwards, we will start a slightly more difficult climb to “Škofina Stagnica”, whose top boasts a beautiful view of Kolan to the north, as well as of Gajac to the west and of the Girenica Bay to the south. The subsequent descent will be of similar difficulty to the climb, and so it will require us to be rather careful. Then, we will soon reach an intersection and turn left onto a path with dry-stone walls and “fences”, where you may come across a few sheep resting in the shade.

Cycling paths

The subsequent ride along the main road will take about six hundred meters. After exiting the main road, we will reach the Girenica Bay on a dirt road. During the summer months, you should definitely bring your bathing suit and stop for a swim there! We will then continue straight along the beach, and follow the road leading right to reach an intersection where we will turn left. There, we will start another climb to “Škofina Stagnica” and then descend to Kolanjsko Polje, as well as pass by the bridge in “Suteska”, where a narrow-gauge railway leading all the way to Šimuni and used to transport coal was built.

After a short distance, we will reach the end of the road, passing by a water well that was a part of the Kolan – Caska water supply system, which also marks the end of the trail.

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