Climbing Sv. Vid

Sv. Vid is the highest point of the island of Pag (348 m). The remains of the chapel of the same name still stand here to this day (1348). It offers an unforgettable view of the numerous nearby islands and most of Velebit National Park. (Those climbing Sv. Vid mostly use the road off the big bend on the main road above Kolan, through Kolan Valley.) 

Mountain climbing

Kolan – Sv. Vid - 1h 10min
Šimuni – Sv. Vid – 1h 15min
Dubrava – Sv. Vid – 45min
The Town of Pag – Sv. Vid – 2h 15min

From Kolan, on the road connecting Pag and Novalja, take the south exit on the latter road and continue towards Pag for a couple of hundred metres until you reach the sharp right turn from the road.
This will lead you southward, along the upper part of Kolan Field on its east edge. Follow this road until it ends and then continue on the path in that same direction until it makes a turn to the right, westward, and walk approximately ten meters cutting across the top part of the field.
You will reach the ”door”, or the passage between the dry-stone walls closed by a wooden barrier to prevent the sheep from crossing. Behind the “door”, continue down the path southward through the Dugaća area. Come to the end of the field plots known locally as “ogradice” separated by dry-stone walls and continue in the same direction for another hundred meters through the barren land until you reach a larger stone block on the right side of the path, at the crossroads.
The marking for Sv. Vid continues on the path to the left uphill eastwards, and straight ahead southwards along a marked path leading to Šimuni, while uphill to the right side leading westwards, the non-marked trail will also take you to Šimuni.
Once you have climbed the path leading east up to the plateau and karst landscape, finish your climb along the last stretch to the top above a larger pond by the side of the path.
The ruins of the Church of St. Vitus lie here, a triangulation designation and a box with a register book and a stamp. At the top stand the remains of a settlement of the ancient Illyrians – Gradac.