Kolanjsko polje

The 7.4-km long trail of the “Kolanjsko Polje” is ideal for recreationists, as well as for hiking and spending quality time with family. The trail starts in Kolanjsko Polje, and first leads to the well “Motišnjak” along a dirt road.

As soon as we pass the well, we will reach an intersection and continue straight. If we turn right at the intersection, we reach the church of St. Jerome in 200 m. The church dates back to the end of the 15th or the beginning of the 16th century, and sits atop a small hill in the centre of Kolanjsko Polje. The ruins of old plaster walls, the abundance of Roman pottery and several broken Roman columns suggest that a Roman estate (villa rustica) or rural settlement once existed there. After the tour, we will go back to the trail and continue towards Kolanjsko Blato – Rogoza. Walking down a dirt road, we will be able to enjoy some lush vegetation – usually a rare sight on Pag – and will definitely come across a few sheep as well.

Pag outdoor: Kolanjsko polje

Hiking trails

The Kolanjsko Blato Ornithological Reserve is a wetland habitat, and home to a variety of vegetation and numerous bird species. The reserve is an ideal place for a short break, as it boasts an enchanting view of the blue sea on one side, as well as a green plain and a view of Velebit on the other.

After visiting Kolanjsko Blato, we will continue on our full circle towards the beginning of the trail. However, this time the trail will lead us along numerous dry-stone walls to the bridge in “Suteska”, where a narrow-gauge railway leading all the way to Šimuni and used to transport coal was built.

After a short distance, we will reach the end of the road, passing by a water well that was a part of the Kolan – Caska water supply system, which also marks the end of the trail.