Cheese curd is one of the most valued traditional products on the island of Pag, having fed many generations on this island. This is precisely why Kolan organises the Skutafest, a festival of cheese curd, to honour this product every May. Cheese curd is an exquisite and healthy delicacy resulting from the production of the Pag cheese, meaning that it is in season for only a short period of time, in limited quantities. Apart from the curd, another healthy by-product is the whey, rich in vitamins and proteins, used for numerous health issues. You can enjoy curd as a spread, with sage honey, in cakes, pancakes or even in your coffee (instead of cream). It is sure to please even the pickiest of eaters. If you would like to taste our curd and all the fine delicacies it is used in, sweet and savoury, visit Kolan and join us at the Skutafest!