Kolan isn’t famous only for its cheese and curds – it also takes pride in its lamb, which has been awarded EU’s Protected Designation of Origin. Baby lamb meat from Pag owes its rich and exquisite taste to the free range grazing of the sheep, the sheep milk and wild herbs growing in the barren rocky terrain of Pag. Thanks to this rearing method, the lamb from Pag has its distinctive and recognisable flavour. The very essence of their diet, rich in essential oils, lies in the island’s herbs – sage, heather, thyme – and the special flavour of the Pag lamb wouldn’t be there without the salt sediment carried by the bora winds. The festival is held every June in Mandre, and besides spit-roasted lamb, you can also try boiled mutton prepared in the traditional Kolan way, as well as other culinary delights from local restaurants and family farms.