Did you know that it takes 14 litres of sheep’s milk to produce a single Pag cheese? In Kolan, cheeses are traditionally produced using family recipes passed on from one generation to the next. The quality of Pag cheese has been widely acclaimed, as proven by all of the recognitions, as well as domestic and international awards, and the Protected Designation of Origin. There are 64 family farm producers and two dairy plants registered in the Kolan municipality, and they all present their products at the festival, held every year on the last Friday in August in Kolan. This event brings together numerous cheese producers from all over the island, as well as producers of other products, such as prosciutto, honey, oil and souvenirs, from Zadar county. The festival is a chance for all visitors, domestic or foreign, to get to know the rich culinary offer, as well as cultural heritage and tradition, of the entire island of Pag. If you are a fan of high-quality Pag cheese and interested in tasting all of them in one place – visit the cheese festival and see for yourself!